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Hello guys, i just wanted to do a quick shoutout to my good friend  who runs a roofing company in Oslo called Blikkenslager Oslo. He will sponsor this site in the future with books and material. So say welcome to our new partner :).

Enough of that, right now i am reading a book called “The magic of thinking big”, really good book and i will shortly present a summary of it on this website. What i can tell you is that this book focus much on the thinking. How to “filter” negative thoughts and only use good one. It teaches you techniques on how to smile even though you don’t want to.


Here’s a few quick tips you can do to improve your confidence.

  1. Walk faster. According to this book, confident people walks fast. You will feel more confident if you walk 25% faster
  2. Make it a ground rule to always speak on meetings. Always say or ask something. This builds confidence.
  3. Sit in the front. Have you noticed that people tend to fill up meetings from the back and forward? Make it a rule to always sit in the frontline. Confident people sit in the front line.
  4. Smile. Smile, even if you don’t want to.
    Heres a exercise. Try to smile big and be sad at the same time. It’s impossible!!!


Hope those quick tips was worth sharing for you guys.


Peace and i speak to you later!

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